MKSintensiv -Mescheder Kleinsäuger Seminare


Practicum: Zahnbehandlung bei Kleinsäugern:


Diagnostik und Therapie mit rotierenden Instrumenten






  • Ausführliche Besprechung und Demonstration der Diagnostik von Zahnveränderungen bei Kaninchen und Meerschweinchen.


  • Übung der Zahnbehandlungen an Schädelpräparaten in Kleingruppen.


  • Ziel ist das Erlernen wichtiger Behandlungstechniken zur unmittelbaren Anwendung in der eigenen Praxis.




ATF-Anerkennung: 6 Stunden




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CROSSLEY’s words:

Until the message on prevention can be reliably transmitted to owners, we will continue to have oral and dental problems to manage. After confidence and experience has been gained in anesthetizing rabbits it is possible to refine one's dental skills to be able to rapidly perform a thorough examination and basic treatments.


Major and complex treatments require careful consideration because they may add to the animal's problems, rather than improving the situation.


The best method for learning rabbit dentistry is to routinely perform postmortem examinations following euthanasia of affected animals, and spend an hour


or two practicing handling the instruments and performing procedures on a cadaver.


If you are not confident in your ability or do not have the best equipment for the job, the client should be informed and offered the opportunity to be referred to a "specialist."

David A. Crossley 2003